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To get tax planning right, you have to see the forest and the trees. With our unique experience, we can assist you with:

  • Understanding your key drivers in order to advance your business goals and make sure that planning for changes in business is informed by a federal (and state) tax perspective.
  • Analyzing relevant tax legislation and IRS guidance to determine impact on your business as well as proposing policy solutions.
  • Advising our clients on various aspects of federal tax accounting, including the timing of income and expense items, accounting for inventories (including UNICAP and LIFO), capitalization versus deduction issues, and application of the accounting method change procedural rules. We regularly review Form 3115’s (Application for Change in Accounting Method) for accuracy and advise on provisions and applicability of automatic versus non-automatic accounting method change revenue procedures.
  • Interacting with IRS Appeals and Exam as well as IRS National Office.
  • Preparing tax opinions on federal income tax matters (for purposes of ASC 740) and providing guidance on strength of tax positions. We are skilled at working with our clients to distill and document complicated and nuanced factual situations to bolster efficacy of highly technical tax positions.

​To further discuss our Federal Tax Planning services and their benefits, please contact any one of the ZHF professionals.

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