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For most businesses, managing your multistate and local tax burden takes extreme effort due to the number of taxing jurisdictions, state and local tax audit activity, and the always-changing tax laws, rules, and regulations. Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC assists clients with all aspects of their multistate and local tax matters. Our ZHF professionals, many of whom are former state tax officials, along with ZHF’s membership in ISA®, use their extensive experience to provide the following:

Tax Controversy

Tax Compliance

  • Refund Checkup  Analyze past filings and current tax positions to find overpayments
  • CAT Exam  Our Exam assists clients by examining their payments and filings to determine if they have potential exposures, identify potential refunds and suggest optimal filing positions to mitigate future exposure or overpayments
  • Voluntary Disclosure  Assist clients with voluntarily remitting past liabilities under special terms
  • Due Diligence Analysis  Analyze tax filings and activities to determine any tax exposures for buyer or seller and identify solutions to address those exposures
  • SALT Nexus Study (SNS)  Review business activities to determine if client is filing properly
  • In-House Training  Provide training to clients to help increase compliance
  • Tax Compliance Matrix  Provide taxability decisions to help increase compliance

Tax Planning

  • SALT Planning  Analyze current tax positions to determine optimal filing positions to reduce taxes, including assisting clients with determining the tax impact of organizational changes
  • Residency Planning  Analyze impact of changing residency and assist with establishing new domicile
  • Effective Rate Agreements  Implement compliance that allows client to simplify reporting for use taxes

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