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A Message for Our Clients, Colleagues and Friends of the Firm

A Message for Our Clients Colleagues and Friends of the Firm 2

A message for our clients, colleagues and friends of the firm:

Today, Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine announced a stay-at-home order for all Ohioans, effective tomorrow, March 23, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Some exceptions apply for essential businesses, infrastructure providers, and government functions, such as makers and distributors of health care products and food, health care workers, groceries, drug stores, banks, gas stations and government functions.

We know that many of you are being directly or indirectly affected in both your professional and personal lives, and we share your concerns about public health and safety, business continuity, and economic turbulence.

In expectation of this new order by Governor DeWine, I want to personally assure you that Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC and ZHF Consulting LLC have taken all necessary steps to ensure uninterrupted service as we collectively navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Late last week, we implemented a mandatory work-at-home policy for all our professionals and staff. Our IT infrastructure enables our team to provide seamless delivery of services from our homes, while also providing for the appropriate level of cybersecurity.

Our team is also closely tracking the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having on government operations and jurisdictions, as well as identifying available support from federal, state and local governments. While the situation may require delays or changes to how we interact with government officials, we expect to continue working on your matters and pushing them toward proper and timely resolution.

Do not hesitate to continue interacting with our team—we are available using our email addresses, office telephone numbers, and cell phone numbers (all available on our website). If you have questions about your matters, or questions about government programs designed to support business during this tough time, please contact us.

We wish everyone the best during this challenging time and thank you for your continued trust in Zaino Hall & Farrin LLC and ZHF Consulting LLC.

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